It's the same formulas, but with a new look

Sat, Aug 01, 2020

We understand that the needle for excellence never stops moving, and this leads us to take an iterative approach as we strive for constant improvement. With this in mind, our new iteration brings you — you guessed it, as the title suggests — a complete makeover for all of our bottles.

Why change the look, you ask? Well, we've been hard at work this past year formulating and designing new supplements (as you may or may not know *hint*). After a particularly rewarding design session — and a few pats on our backs — we thought, ¨Hey, these are looking pretty good. Why not push for the home stretch and revamp the look of all our products?" Alas, the new look is born!



Your daily SYMNUTRITION go-tos may have been revamped with a fresh new look, but rest assured, it is the same premium quality capsules you know and love us for.